Friday, January 16, 2015

A unique opportunity to learn both ICS implementation and cyber security skills is now available !!!

The interest in the intense, immersion 10-day program on ICS implementation and security has been overwhelming. This course is not currently scheduled for public offerings. However ... Joel Langill (founder of has joined forces with leading system integrator Lin & Associates of Phoenix, Arizona to offer a unique opportunity to learn the basics of ICS configuration and operation, in a public 3-day workshop scheduled for March 3-5 (optional 1-day ICS workshops available on March 6). These 4-days provide both lecture and hands-on modules, and provide an opportunity for attendees to get "up close and personal" with the systems really used to control critical infrasturture. No virtual PLCs, Raspberry PI, or "toy" SCADA equipment - real ICS equipment used at the heart of the industrial automation and control industry.

After enjoying a weekend in beautiful Phoenix where you can visit landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Petrified National Park, Sedona, Flagstaff and others, the 5-day advanced "Understanding, Assessing and Securing Industrial Control Systems" course will be offered March 9-13.

The need for this type of opportunity within the ICS security sector is critical in understanding the real-world aspects of security operational systems. To facilitiate involvement, students that register for BOTH the 3-day workshop and the 5-day security course will receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT equal to the registration fee for the 3-day workshop. In other words, the 3-day workshop is FREE when attending both. As a SPECIAL BONUS, anyone who registers for either the DCS Configuration or HMI Scripting workshop will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. No where else can you receive 9-days of training from leading industry experts for the price of $4,550 !!!

Special social events have been scheduled during the 3-day workshop including a Open House and an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game!

Additional information and registration details are provided on the Lin & Associates website by clicking here. Space is limited so make your registration early. The special discount expires February 20.

This course will also introduce the recently published "Industrial Network Security" book written by Joel Langill and Eric Knapp, with all students receiving a copy.


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