Thursday, April 5, 2012

What do March Madness and Cyber Security have in common?

(this blog was originally posted by Bryan Owen on the vCampus Blog and is copied here for wider distribution)

OSIsoft User Conference 2012: Cyber Security Line Up
March Madness is a wrap, did your picks do well? You can consider the Pwn2Own competition at CanSecWest as a cyber security version of March Madness.

In continuation of a global trend, this year signaled a change in the 'sport of hacking'. Move over undergrads. Pwn2Own has become a professional contest. It was Vupen's dedicated exploit team versus Google's Chrome security team (both declared victory but Vupen's story won better news coverage).

So yes, cyber security is a team sport. It is complete with talented athletes, coaches, and trainers. Let's not forget the fans, institutions, regulators, media and the rest of the eco system. Do you have PI System security superstars on your team?

I'm very pleased to call out a strong cyber security line up for User Conference 2012: