Friday, January 16, 2015

A unique opportunity to learn both ICS implementation and cyber security skills is now available !!!

The interest in the intense, immersion 10-day program on ICS implementation and security has been overwhelming. This course is not currently scheduled for public offerings. However ... Joel Langill (founder of has joined forces with leading system integrator Lin & Associates of Phoenix, Arizona to offer a unique opportunity to learn the basics of ICS configuration and operation, in a public 3-day workshop scheduled for March 3-5 (optional 1-day ICS workshops available on March 6). These 4-days provide both lecture and hands-on modules, and provide an opportunity for attendees to get "up close and personal" with the systems really used to control critical infrasturture. No virtual PLCs, Raspberry PI, or "toy" SCADA equipment - real ICS equipment used at the heart of the industrial automation and control industry.