Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gleg releases Ver 1.19 of the SCADA+ Exploit Pack for Immunity Canvas

On November 8, reference on the Gleb website indicates that they will be releasing version 1.19 of the SCADA+ Exploit Pack for the Immunity Canvas framework offer by Gleg. On November 9, the Immunity Inc. listserver provided confirmation that the update is now available.

Gleg remains active and devoted to continuing to release SCADA+ Exploit Pack modules on a regular basis, with this release coming just 4 weeks after v1.18!

All of the SCADA exploits included in this release cover 0-day vulnerabilities that have not been previously disclosed, including any published advisories or alerts from ICS-CERT. Both ICS systems included in this release represent reasonable risk to critical infrastructure and manufacturing facilities within the USA.