Saturday, January 8, 2011

SCADA Security Professionals are Hard to Find

There have been a couple articles recently published that I have mentioned on my Twitter feed that are worth mention here. Both the public and private sectors are seeing that we have a significant deficiency when it comes to training security professionals that can help protect our nation as well as our critical infrastructure. This problem is further compounded when we look at the highly specialized aspects of security services that are targeted at industrial control systems like SCADA and DCS systems that are used throughout our infrastructure.

I know that many of you have attended a training course like the one that I currently teach (SCADA Security by InfoSec Institute), and I only encourage you to continue to learn more about the highly specialized field of ICS security. There are so many opportunities that await you, and if you are a customer seeking training professionals, please feel free to contact me and allow me to help you match your particular needs with those of us that can provide these services.

I want to direct you to a couple articles that I recently came across that are worth reading:

Pentagon, Industry to Swap Cybersecurity Experts

Shortage of Skilled Information Security Professionals Looms

I also want to point you to another article that I previously commented on via the SCADA Security Professionals group of LinkedIn:

Security Firms Scramble for SCADA Talent after Stuxnet

This also means that the "bad guys" are also looking for talent to help them launch attacks against commercial and industrial targets. This confirms that we need to remain diligent with information security and in particular, InfoSec focused on protecting our infrastructure depending on industrial control systems.

Job outlook improving for cybercrooks


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