Friday, December 10, 2010

Database of Industrial Cyber Security Incidents

I just obtained some hot news from ...

"For a limited time,” says a recent announcement from the non-profit organization, the SIO is offering a 25 percent discount on all new RISI memberships and membership renewals. What’s more, if you sign up now, your company will also receive a newly released RISI report providing a study of more than 50 control system incidents caused by malware such as viruses, Trojans and worms.

What’s RISI? It is the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents, a member-supported database of industrial control-system cyber-security incidents that is billed as the largest known database of its kind. Its purpose is to collect, investigate, analyze and share important industrial security incidents among member companies so that they can learn from the experiences of others. RISI includes accidental cyber-related incidents, as well as deliberate events that have resulted in loss of control, loss of production or a process safety incident.

Read the entire new article by clicking here.


  1. Thanks Joel, very enriching. I'd heard of that sale but never took the time to figure out how useful it could be :) Cheers.

  2. a member-supported record of industrial control-system cyber-security occasions that is billed as the largest known record of its types,