Thursday, December 2, 2010

November issue of Hakin9: Botnets, Malware, Spyware |

Click here to view the November issue.

Hakin9 has released their November Free Issue of Hakin9 Magazine. This month the magazine has articles focused in Botnets, Malwares and Spywares.
Here is a briefing of what you can find in it:
  • A brief analysis of the cyber security threat by Julian Evans
  • Cyber State-Bullying by Matthew Jonkman
  • The Spyware Within You by Rajat Khare
  • The Ear of Sauron by John Aycock
  • dasbot: controlling IRC via bash by Israel Torres
  • Knowing VoIP Part II – Getting deeper to the settings by Winston Santos
  • TDSS botnet – full disclosure. Part II by Andrey Rassokhin and Dmitry Oleksyuk
  • Search Engine Security and Privacy – Part 2 by Rebecca Wynn

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